Thunderstorms make noise but not a lot of rain

The rumbling and tumbling of the thunder and lightning today produced just enough rain to make everything wet but not too soggy. It was pretty scary, though. Long bouts of thunder followed by rippling lightning and machine gun-like bursts of rain made venturing outside quite a frightening venture. Some Memorial Day celebrations this year were […]

Everyone’s talking about oil

Celebrations and events continue as normal on the Mississippi Coast – with one exception. Scattered amid the many casual conversations between friends, about music, children, summer vacations, whatever, a word or two escapes about the massive oil spill that lurks beneath the surface, sending tendrils of its gooey substance out to test the Mississippi waters. […]

Oil and water don’t mix

I’m going to Biloxi today. It’s Memorial Day weekend, so I expect the beaches will be busier than usual – unless it rains. But this year probably will be a little different. Sure there will be the usual people soaking up the sun, playing in the sand and getting sunburned. There will be the weekend […]