Everyone’s talking about oil

Celebrations and events continue as normal on the Mississippi Coast – with one exception.

Scattered amid the many casual conversations between friends, about music, children, summer vacations, whatever, a word or two escapes about the massive oil spill that lurks beneath the surface, sending tendrils of its gooey substance out to test the Mississippi waters.

“What do you think about the oil spill?” … “I just heard the top-kill method failed.” … “Do you think we’ll see it here in Mississippi?” … “What about the pelicans, the dolphins?” … “What about our marshes and estuaries?”

It seems that the oil spill, although discussed in light, casual terms, weighs heavy on everyone’s minds.

I have a photo to post, but I will have to get to my editing software before I publish it since there is a really bad expletive about BP in relation to the oil spill. An artist depicts a pelican covered in oil on a white board at a local pub.

On the beaches, in the bars and cafes: “Is it here yet” … “I’ve heard talk about a conspiracy, but I just don’t know.” … “How bad do you think it’s going to get?” … “How long before it gets fixed, cleaned up?”

I’m afraid there won’t be any immediate answers to most everyone’s concerns.


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