Social media is a universal language

I recently hosted a little meet up to talk about social media (thanks to Mashable’s great idea). Our group was small but interesting. Two of the attendees teach English to international college students who have had little or no exposure to English. Most of our conversations were about the various social media apps that can […]

Oil spill: Here’s what’s at stake

(Manatees swim close to the surface and frequently come up for air. They also come to Florida in the summer months. Manatees will probably run into the oil spill in the Gulf, and there could be very serious results. Photo by Jim Reid, USFWS.) List of affected Gulf animals Here is a list of animal […]

Toll on wildlife is staggering

Now that it seems the sealed oil well is somewhat stable, I feel like I can breathe a little easier. That is, until I read about the thousands of animal lives lost. I can’t sleep at night thinking about these helpless creatures who have died slow, tortuous deaths. An AP story today says there are […]