Storms can’t wash away friendships

I hadn’t seen my former neighbor Joyce since we last visited her in Ocean Springs about a year after Hurricane Katrina. She had just moved back into her home, which has sustained some damage, and things still weren’t back to “normal.”

I lost touch with her not long after that because she moved into her parents home – her parents had joined the ranks of the uncounted victims of Katrina. I remembered the street but not the house where they lived. And I lost her phone number, too, when my computer died. So much for electronics making our lives better!

Well, I found her on Facebook, and after a couple of days of conversation via electronic means, I decided to alter my vacation plans to spend a day in Ocean Springs with her and her son, Jamie, who was in town for the holiday weekend.

Of course, that happened to be the day Alex became a hurricane, so instead of a nice lunch together and hanging out at the beach later on — oil or no oil — it was storming and flooding, so much so, we could barely see the road much less the Gulf.

So we just went to Joyce’s house instead.

We — including my daughter Fiona —    spent a long time talking and getting caught up on things. I’m so glad I made the trip. And I got to see my best friends while I was there so it was a double bonus for me.

Hopefully next time I visit, the beach won’t be so wet!

(Fiona took this shot as we were driving to Ocean Springs. It was sunny in Hattiesburg in the morning. Not so on the Coast)


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