Good coffee and good friends

I love coffee. And I love drinking coffee with friends who love coffee. There’s nothing better than drinking good coffee with good friends in a comfortable place.

La Reunion in Helena, Alabama, is one of those comfortable places. It used to be called something else. I can’t remember what it used to be, but it still looks pretty much the same. And the coffee is still good.

My friend Gail always knows the best places to go.

We brought all the kids with us – Fiona, Opal, Jadelyn and Johnny. They went for gumbo at the restaurant next door. Apparently it was pretty awful. Sorry guys.

Fiona had just dyed her hair green, and she wasn’t very happy because it was supposed to be electric blue. Sorry again.

The plan was to see the fireworks later, but the kids got an invite to go bowling, and opted for that instead since it’s not the Fourth yet.

Gail, Tony and I stayed home and did pretty much nothing but talk and watch TV. That was nice, too.


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