Some things I just don’t understand

My daughter, who recently got her learner’s permit, had been bugging me for days to let her drive here, there and everywhere.

Today was no exception.

She woke me up early and begged me to let her drive somewhere. Did she have any place in mind? No.

Well, think of something, I told her. She suggested the dog park. Mostly because there are no hills, only a few lights and a pretty much straight path from our house.

So off we went to the park, and when we got there, I immediately spotted a furry mass huddled behind a large garbage can just inside the fence.

What on earth is that?

The mass looked up and the sweetest face covered with mounds of hair looked up at me. The poor thing. How could anyone leave such a beautiful dog behind.

When I got a closer look, I could tell he had been neglected for a very long time. His fur was matted into little dreadlocks. Far worse than that, though, his feet could not be found because of the massive clumps of matted hair, mud and who knows what else. They looked like tree stumps. All four feet.

After a few minutes of coaxing he warmed up to us, and began leaping and bouncing – feeling a lot less alone.

Of course we couldn’t leave him there.  We brought him home and put him in the bath right away.

Some of the caked on mud washed away, but most of it was so entwined in the poor baby’s hair that it just wouldn’t let loose.

We spent the next couple of hours combing and cutting, trying to find the dog beneath the muck. We got tired after awhile, and had to call it quits.

John Doe, as Simon dubbed him, was tired, too. He ate a little, then took a long nap.

I don’t understand how anyone could let a helpless creature like John Doe be so neglected. And how could someone just abandon him, even if it was at the dog park?


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