What do we do now?

We’re pretty sure John Doe is a shih tzu. And he has a show dog gait. He runs with his head held high and he’s proud of his fine physique.

As we continue our second day of stripping away the matted masses around his feet, John Doe becomes more lively, and much more endearing.

He likes to bury his head in my lap when I call him to me, and he shakes all over with excitement to be in a home with love and affection.

I checked with our local animal shelter yesterday to see if anyone was missing a little dog, but no, there were no reports filed lately.

I will check around some more on Monday – maybe John Doe ran away and got too far from home to find his way back. But I doubt we’ll have much luck since he must have been wandering – or neglected – for months.

I won’t take him to the shelter. I don’t want him to become part of the system, because we will never know where he ends up.

I will be able to find out if he has a microchip, though, and maybe we can locate his family that way.

In the meantime, we’ll keep grooming him until we get all the mud out and he has feet once again.

If we don’t find his family in the next week, I’ll start to find him a permanent home.

Surely among all the friends I have there’s got to be one who has room in their heart for a beautiful, loving companion.


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