Update on little John Doe

Here is the latest picture of John Doe.

No one has come forward to claim him, so I took him to get neutered. He is recovering from surgery. John Doe also has been shaved – many thanks to the kind techs at the Spay-Neuter Clinic. So now his mats are gone, and he has feet under all the hair and muck! Little by little we are getting him cleaned up and looking more like what a dog should look like.

He may appear sad, but in his heart he is smiling. He can wag his tail now, and when you call him, he rushes over and buries his face your lap. John Doe has a sweet disposition, and  he is cheerful despite what he has been through.

He listens and obeys commands, and is comfortable in a crate. He will make a perfect pet for someone as soon as he has recovered and grows a little more hair.

Even though we are sad that John Doe was abandoned and neglected, we are so glad that we found him, and glad he is a part of our family – even if it is just temporary.


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