Beach at last

I finally got a morning at the beach! I woke up early Sunday and headed to East Beach in Ocean Springs to soak up a little sun. It was a beautiful morning. Hot, humid, but enjoyable nonetheless. I’m glad I’m an early riser. Otherwise I wouldn’t have enough time to do all of these things. […]

Time to lighten up

OK, so visiting the Hurricane Katrina memorial was really sad. I’m glad I wasn’t when all the fanfare was going on. Melissa and I drove down Highway 90, and the mood didn’t seem to get any better as we drove by so many overgrown lots still littered with rubble where antebellum homes once stood. To […]

Katrina is ‘part of your heritage’

After brunch with Glenn and Melissa at Bayview Gourmet, Melissa and I ventured into Biloxi, and we ended up at the Katrina Memorial at the Town Green. We went  after all the ceremonies and fanfare were over. A few people, like us, came to read the names on the wall, to sit for a moment […]