Grown-up vacation: Day 2 (part 1)

After staying up pretty late the night before, I actually slept in a little. I met up late morning at a coffee shop with my friend Glenn to help him learn some new things on his computer, then I had planned to go to the beach until Melissa and Rachel were up and running again.

I ran into a former co-worker, Walter, and his wife, Linda. It was really nice to see them as always. They are both semi-retired and enjoying life. Funny thing is, I seem to run into them at the same place every time I visit.

Creatures of habit or good coffee?

Of course, as soon as I was ready to leave the coffee shop, the rain started. Not just a little rain. It was pouring and storming and everything else in between.

As soon as the rain slowed down a little I drove to the beach anyway, and ran across a sign that said “Fresh Shrimp’ near the shrimp boats docked at Ocean Springs harbor.

Curious, I turned around and went down to the boats to see if I could find anyone to talk to about the shrimp, the oil, the boats, anything that would tell me what’s going on in the Gulf.

Did they really have shrimp or was that an old sign? If they had shrimp, what is the quality and price? Is anybody buying shrimp?

Alas, no one was there, so my questions went unanswered. 😦


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