Grown-up vacation: Day 2 (part 3)

After pretty much a full day of activity already, I met up again with Melissa and Rachel, and we wandered over to Gautier to invade the thrift stores and meet up with our friends again — this time at Huck’s Cove, a laidback restaurant for casual outdoors dining.

The restaurant even has a dock for diners to arrive by sea. Just beware of the alligators.And please don’t feed them. There’s a huge fine if you do.

Bill and Randy joined us, and we all ate something or another. I tried the oyster po’ boy and was not disappointed. Our waitress was very attentive, and actually got our order right, and we didn’t mind the wait.

I got a kick out her response when I asked her if the oysters were from the Gulf. With a mortified look on her face, she cried, “Oh no! Everything we have is imported!”

Not quite the response I was expecting. And I was hoping she might have said the oysters were from some remote area of Texas or Florida that had not been affected by the oil.

I enjoyed the sandwich nonetheless, and could only eat half of it.

As we soaked up the sun, we discovered that day — Aug. 4 — was our president’s birthday, so we joked about ways to celebrate. Rachel came up with a drink idea: A Barack Obama Bahama Mamma.

Bahama Mammas are fruity alcoholic beverages. We thought for sure we would be able to find someone who could make one for us, but no one knew how. So we settled for Bushwhackers at the Julep Room instead, to honor our former president(s). It was like drinking a coffee and chocolate milkshake. Yummy. But only one. It was my night to drive.

Our kind bartender got a kick out of our silliness and played along with our presidential celebration. He even fished out some cocktail umbrellas to dress up our drinks!

While at the Julep Room, we got a call from another friend, Terry, to join him at Leo’s (a darling stone-fired pizza place in Ocean Springs) for trivia night.

Rachel and I went and had a blast. The three of us partnered with Steve and Sean to form a formidable team. We came in second, but that was OK, as the winner’s received a $100 bar tab. That wouldn’t have been a good prize for us since we were all drinking water! Well, at least Rachel, Terry and I were.

We rounded out the night at Mezo’s, a bar that had a band playing. We sat outside, because the band was too loud inside. Glenn, Andrea and Melissa met up with us there. Glenn told me about this artist, Robby, who paints to the band’s music, so we went inside to see what he was doing. The band was on break, so we got to talk to Robby about his work.

We went back to Melissa’s for a late-night supper of homemade tortillas, Cheddar cheese from Wisconsin, and some fresh cilantro, lime juice, lettuce, tomato, onions, baby sweet peppers and an awesome avocado.

Then it was off to bed for me, since I had to be at work the next morning!


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