Tropical Storm warning?

I know that NOAA wants to get word out about stormy weather well ahead of impact to give people more time to get ready, but a storm warning without a storm?

Tropical Depression Five (that’s right, it doesn’t even have a name yet) is in the Gulf, on the west side of southern Florida. It is moving slowly in a northwest direction (yes, it is heading our way).

If the five-day model is correct, the point of impact looks like it will be somewhere in Louisiana – maybe around Houma again – but will turn back northeast when it makes landfall. In other words, we will be in its direct path.

I just hope if this is true that we will just get a bunch of rain and not much else. I’m just too tired to battle a tropical storm. I definitely can’t handle a hurricane.

But I think right now it may be just too soon to tell. Will the early warnings send people into a panic too soon so when the real thing comes, no one will pay attention?


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