Tropical storm warning called off

The tropical storm warning for the storm that never was has been “discontinued.” I’m so glad that there will not be a major storm this weekend.

But even though there’s no longer an expectation of a dangerous storm, the National Hurricane Center is saying there’s probably still going to be some wind and rain from the mess out there in the Gulf.

Unbelieveable. We had plans to go to the Coast for the weekend, but will postpone that trip now. It has rained the last two trips down there. I’m not really wanting a third, but I am really wanting to be on the beach, breathing in the salt air.

The weather in the Gulf is not only messing up my weekend plans, but this is the third (or fourth) time that work has had to stop in the efforts to plug the oil well. It is so close to being permanently contained. I wish they could just get it done. Then let the hurricanes come …

Not really. No hurricanes, please.

But I do hope they get the plug finished before the next stormy weather system comes through.


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