Paws for a good cause

OK, paws for a good cause is rather cliche I know, but after getting an education about pet adoption and other information from the Southern Pines Animal Shelter, I really don’t care what I have to do to get people’s attention.

I know that I and all of my darling creatures, whether on two legs or four, are committed to helping promote animal adoption and urge pet owners to get their cats and dogs “fixed” so that there won’t be more sweet creatures with pleading eyes staring up me from behind a chain link fence with that “please take me with you” look in their eyes.

The shelter just launched a campaign to raise awareness of the issues homeless pets face, and how we as humans can help. But it also is working to win $100,000 in a contest hosted by the ASPCA. An ambitious project with many facets, but the passionate and devoted staff and volunteers are up to the task, from what I have seen of their good work already.

Click here to see the website for more information or find the shelter on Facebook or Twitter.

The shelter has set a goal of adopting out 858 pets — both cats and dogs — by the end of October. That’s about 10 percent of all the animals brought in to the shelter each year.

They also have set up a place where lost and found pet pictures can be posted, to make it easier to reunite pets with their owners.

The campaign kicked off with a little party at Keg & Barrel, and there was a pretty good turnout. Food, live music by local favorite Natalie Kirk, and lots of laughter filled the courtyard, despite the mugginess that hung in the air and the threat of rain.

Many people brought their beloved dogs to join in the festivities. Mine had to stay at home since I went to the party straight from work.

Molly would have loved it. She is always the life of the party. But I was a good pet-mom and took her to the dog park when I got home so she wouldn’t feel so bad about being left out.

Yeah, it wouldn’t have been very pleasant being at home if I didn’t, because I’m sure she smelled the other dogs on me and knew I had been cheating on her, lol.

But she was happy to romp around the park with Presley and Sam who were out pretty late for a Tuesday night, and she forgot all about the party she missed.

Molly would have loved the party for another reason, though. You see, Molly was adopted from Southern Pines almost two years ago. We brought her home on Halloween, so that is her birthday now.

She was a surrendered dog that came in with a Yorkie. The Yorkie was already adopted when we found Molly, so she was all alone in her big, big concrete cave — far too big for the little 7 1/2 pound creature living within.

The sad face in a large empty space was bad enough, but my daughter Fiona told me it was when Molly rolled over on her back to get her little belly rubbed that she knew Molly was the one.

Regrets? I’ve had a few. But then again, too few to mention. The benefits have by far outweighed the inconveniences of having a small dog. I wouldn’t trade her for anything. ❤


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