If they can do it, why can’t we?

This is Molly and Catbird doing what they do just about every day — nap together. What a sweet sight. It just amazes me that two creatures who are not supposed to get along can be taught easily to love and respect each other.

They even drink together from the same water dish. It seems Molly’s mothering instincts have kicked in enough for her to snuggle with Catbird. She always wakes up, though, if I bring a camera anywhere near her, so I can’t catch her with her eyes closed very often.

The way they get along makes me wonder why we can’t teach ourselves tolerance of others who are not like us. After all, we’re supposed to be smarter than these creatures are, aren’t we? As far as I’m concerned there is no excuse for all the ugliness in the world except for our own idiocy.

What’s even worse is the idea that some of the world’s worst battles are fought under the guise of religion. Belief in God. And it doesn’t matter which god a person believes in, I don’t believe there are any gods that really advocate fighting, war or killing.

My beliefs may not be the same as yours, but does that mean you or I deserve to die because of that? I think not.

I hope not.


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