Ugh, not liking this weather picture

Here’s this morning’s weather graphic from the National Hurricane Center.

Although Hurricane Danielle looks like it poses no threat to the Gulf, there is a weird system lurking in the Gulf of Mexico. It doesn’t look like it’s going to do much, but one never knows. … Maybe a little rain in time for the weekend? Always when there’s yard work to be done.

The more disturbing system right now is the one coming behind Danielle. It has a 90 percent chance of developing into a tropical storm or hurricane. That one will be named Earl if it becomes a storm.

Nerves are a little tense watching these systems since Sunday is the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Not a pleasant thought. It doesn’t feel like it’s been five years.

I can’t watch the many Katrina documentaries flooding TV stations right now. It brings back too many memories — and a fear that it could happen again.

It’s still very hard to talk about Katrina without tears. And heartbreak. Thinking of the victims that are not counted among those lost to the hurricane. So many names and faces. Sure, on paper they died of natural causes. But their hearts and spirits were broken because of the storm’s devastation. They just couldn’t muster the strength to recover.

Maybe they are not listed among those who died because of Katrina, but we know that they did. Maybe they didn’t drown or suffer fatal injuries from the storm. No visible wounds, but Katrina took their lives, too. They are remembered and mourned by those who knew and loved them. Mary and Edsel, Jim and Pansy are the first names that come to mind. There are so many others.

This year when thinking of Katrina, it has been particularly painful, still trying to grasp the horror of the hurricane combined with oil spill in the Gulf.

How can anyone not think about it when we are surrounded by it. Restoration construction mingled with a view of oil booms floating on the Gulf. A hurricane right now would be devastating.


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