Cool book exchange

I went to a great book swap tonight and came away with a few fun books, so I was pretty happy. What a great idea. I brought a dozen or so books that we had pulled from our shelves – classics like “Little Women” that my daughter is now “too old” to read (I wonder what she’ll say about that 10 years from now), self-help books like “Chicken Soup for the Teen Soul” and other books that were not getting any mileage.

I pulled back Jim Morrison‘s Book of Poems, though. I’m not quite ready to part with that book yet.

I also had a box of books I brought from a co-worker who couldn’t make it to the swap.

Perfect items to bring to a book swap apparently because there were plenty other books like them at the swap.

New books, slightly used books and beloved dogeared books, they were all there laid out on the table at Downtown Grill & Grocery. Good food there, btw, and decent prices for beer …

I came away with some interesting finds, from Hemingway’s “Old Man and the Sea” to “The Magic of Houdini,” a novel or two, a travel book on France and my favorite, “Lawrence Welk Scrapbook.” Kitschy, yes? I love kitsch.

I plan to give that book to my friend, Glenn, who is a great dancer and lover of music. He would see the humor in the book, which is full of memories of Welk’s childhood through his glory days — bubbles included.

What a lovely idea. I can’t wait to do it again next month. Details TBD. Click the following link if you’re in the Hattiesburg area and want to join the group or find out when and where the next exchange will be:  Facebook | Hattiesburg Book Exchange.


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