Katrina focus of art exhibit

Former Mississippi Coast artist Tim Waldrop has a solo exhibit at the Mary C. O’Keefe Cultural Center in Ocean Springs that was inspired by Hurricane Katrina‘s destruction.

Waldrop is now an associate professor of art at Western Illinois, and he was not on the Coast during Katrina, but he was very moved by the devastation caused by the storm, and so produced a body of work that is on display for the fifth anniversary of the hurricane.

The exhibit is on display at the Mary C. through Dec. 4.

I attended the opening reception (and slogged through the mud and rain to get there). The turnout was slow and steady — and the only face I knew surprisingly was that of my friend Glenn, whom I had arranged to meet there. I guess the rain kept the regulars away.

Or maybe the exhibit’s subject matter is still too painful for most Katrina survivors.

Either way, about 20 or 30 at the most attended the exhibit’s opening.

There was a nice spread, courtesy of Imperial Palace, featuring mostly vegetarian dishes (one had trout in it) and a refreshing watermelon punch. I nibbled a little, just enough to be sociable, but I wasn’t very hungry then. Glenn promised me dinner (which he made himself — fish tacos, hah, and I just happened to bring tomatoes, cilantro and lettuce with me — what a perfect pairing, eh?).

Melissa came by, and Steve, so we talked about music, the oil spill and Katrina and enjoyed the rainy evening even though the gnats were swarming us.


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