OMG I bought Gulf shrimp!

My regular shrimp guy was at his regular spot as I drove down Highway 90 in Ocean Springs.

His white flag with an orange shrimp blowing in the wind.  Another white sign with red letters shouted “Fresh shrimp”.

How could I pass that by? OMG I don’t care if the shrimp has oil, dispersants or other things that could make me sick. I just had to have some.

I bought 5 pounds. Wanted to buy more! I thought Melissa and I could cook some for lunch or dinner before I went home and take the rest home for Simon and Fiona.

I bought a cooler and a bag of ice to keep the shrimp cold and safe until I could get home, then went back to Melissa’s with my newfound treasure — at $3 a pound!

Unbelievable! Woo hoo! This will be the best shrimp ever just because it has been so long since we had any.


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