Time to lighten up

OK, so visiting the Hurricane Katrina memorial was really sad. I’m glad I wasn’t when all the fanfare was going on.

Melissa and I drove down Highway 90, and the mood didn’t seem to get any better as we drove by so many overgrown lots still littered with rubble where antebellum homes once stood.

To lighten the mood, we stopped by Souvenir City (we used to call it Sharkheads before Katrina, when it sat on the south side of the highway) to look for something silly and fun for Melissa’s niece Rachel.

The entrance to the store is now an alligator. Somehow “Alligatorheads” doesn’t sound right.

We didn’t find anything so we left and drove around Biloxi some more before heading back to Melissa’s. We were going to cook shrimp and invite some friends over, but we were so tired by that time that we decided to do it a different time.

On the way back we were listening to NPR‘s “All Things Considered.” It was about how music is making a rebound in New Orleans after Katrina.

The show featured the 101 Runners, Galactic featuring Big Freedia – and the “sissy bounce”- and Anders Osborne. I also discovered someone I hadn’t heard of before but loved instantly, Meschiya Lake. Here’s a YouTube video:


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