Strange things always happen to me

The place I usually go for coffee and time on the Internet was open Sunday, but there was no parking available, so I thought I would go to another coffee shop down the road, but the place is now closed on Sundays.

Since I was there, I stopped at the gas station nearby and while I was pumping gas a guy came out of nowhere and thrust a CD in my hands.

“I’d like to share my music with you,” he said. “Like Garth Brooks, I just want to get my name out.”

I was kinda creeped out and looking for a quick escape route, and the guy sensed that, so he backed off a little and told me about the CD he made, and how he was working hard to become successful as a musician – and he was a martial arts instructor on the side – teaching in Gulfport somewhere.

I looked on the back of the CD and noticed he was from Columbia and wondered how he landed in Ocean Springs. I don’t think he ever answered that question, really, but it didn’t matter.

I thanked him, and then he asked me for $6 to cover the cost of the CD. Gotta love it.

Melissa and I later listened to the CD, and discovered it actually was pretty good. His name is David James if you want to check him out. The album, “Storm of the Century,” has a song about Hurricane Katrina on there, but there’s also a lot of autobiographical material and a song about how watching too much TV is bad for you. I guess that one is for his sons.

It’s a mix of country, rock – and rap. Interesting, indeed. Definitely worth $6. Even $10. Best of luck to you, David. And here’s to “getting your name out”.


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