Crazy day for news

I don’t often make lunch plans because in my line of work I have to be prepared for the unexpected.

Today I had lunch plans  – an early treat for my friend’s birthday – but had to cancel them for the day. At least she knows that this is how things go, and I think she likes the thought of having her birthday celebration interrupted by breaking news.

At least she’ll have good stories to tell her friends.

It all started with an oil rig explosion. OMG, please not another BPDeepwater Horizon situation. I’m glad that everyone on the rig got out alive today. I hope their injuries are not too severe and they can go home to their families oon. And we later learned that no oil was leaking from the site – a huge relief. I’m glad, too, that there is no oil leaking from the rig site.

As the day progressed, more things kept happening: A bank robbery, a log truck overturned on the Evelyn Gandy Parkway – there is no way I was getting out for lunch.

Note to self: Don’t make lunch plans unless you want a lot of breaking news to happen.


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