Herons on Front Beach

I spotted these two herons on Front Beach in Ocean Springs, a blue and a white heron looking for a bite to eat, I presume. I wonder if those are the same two birds I saw on East Beach in July. If not, it’s pretty weird that I would see a white and a blue hanging out together on two different beaches within two months.

I wish I had a better camera on days like this, so I could get some good close ups. The birds would just fly off if I tried to get too close, and a point and shoot just doesn’t work in those circumstances.

I don’t know the exact species of the birds since I am not an expert, but I have heard the blue ones called Great Blue herons. I don’t know anything at all about the white ones, although I’ve seen plenty of both of colors along the Mississippi coast. I even saw a blue heron dipping in a small pool of water near the mall in Hattiesburg.

Great Blue herons are a “species of concern” according to the US Fish & Wildlife Endangered Species list, although it did not give a reason. My guess for starters is loss of habitat and food sources.

(Here is a photo of a Great Blue heron taken by George Gentry, courtesy of US Fish & Wildlife Service.)


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