National Lazy Mom’s Day

Wow. Who comes up with all this stuff? Today is National Lazy Mom’s Day. I didn’t know it, but I’ve been doing it.

I took today off from work because I had planned on going away for the weekend, but changed my mind at the last minute. Then my friend told me about Lazy Mom’s Day, and I thought what a perfect day for this.

I tried to look up the roots of the day to find out how it came to be or when exactly it is (is it always Sept. 3 or is it the Friday before Labor Day?), but I haven’t had much luck. If any of you out there has a link where I can learn more, please share!

We were enjoying a leisurely lunch of sushi – a postponed birthday treat for Siobhan, since our scheduled Thursday lunch was postponed -there was all kinds of breaking news that prevented me from leaving the office that day.

After a lengthy discussion about all the things we wouldn’t do today, I decided I would make it Lazy Mom’s weekend, and not do much of anything for four days! 😉

At least I can fantasize about doing nothing, although it probably won’t turn out that way. But what fun it is just to have a few minutes of daydreaming of being a lazy mom. Heck, we couldn’t even sit for five minutes without planning how to be lazy! Planning is work, too, isn’t it?


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