End of a non-Labor Day weekend

Today is the last day of my long Labor Day weekend, and I can honestly say I really didn’t do a thing.

I took the dogs to the dog park twice a day. Hung out at Siobhan’s to see Folly, who was home for the weekend from MSMS.

Oh, OK, I baked a cake yesterday for Siobhan’s actual birthday. A lemon-poppyseed cake with a honey-lemon glaze.

But that was about it. It was a labor of love, so I don’t think that really counts.

A weird thing happened while we were all at the dog park today. Folly gave me a hug as we were leaving.

Folly never hugs anybody. She is usually pretty distant, cynical, and definitely not a huggy person. It was a nice hug, and I know it was really from the heart. It made me feel good to know she thinks of me as a friend.

She’s only 16, but wise beyond her years. I think going off to boarding school has made her a little less stoic. I had been trying to keep up with her on Facebook and texting her things now and then, so she wouldn’t feel too alone up there.

I guess the hug was her way of showing me she appreciates my friendship. Here’s a big hug back, Folly, if you’re reading this. I appreciate your friendship, too.


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