9/11 Patriots Day memorial observance

I made my kids get up early this morning to attend the Sept. 11 ceremony in downtown Hattiesburg. The service is held each year at the 9/11 memorial in a small corner of  the newspaper‘s parking lot.

Why would there be a 9/11 memorial in Hattiesburg, Mississippi? I’m not really sure, but it is in our parking lot. A Pine Belt man died in the World Trade Center that day, but I don’t know if his death was the inspiration for the memorial or that our newspaper’s patriotic roots commanded it. Maybe it was a little of both.

The memorial is an artist’s interpretation and reproduction of the twin towers of the World Trade Center, which crumbled to the ground less than an hour after two planes struck the buildings.

Anyway, that’s where our city pays tribute to the fallen – victims and heroes – and the living heroes who worked to save lives and prevent more attacks that day.

I don’t know why I like to go to these things, but I do. I guess because 9/11 was an event that brought out the worst – and best – in humankind.


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