Sweeteas Club launches

Nothing gets a little girl – or her mamma – more excited than a tea party.

Now imagine a hundred or so little girls and their mammas having one big tea party.

That’s what happened Sunday at Canebrake Country Club. Forrest General’s Spirit of Women hosted a Sweeteas party to celebrate the national launch of the SweeTeas club.

The club, derived from characters in author Rochelle Frazier‘s books, will be a way for young girls to get together and learn about good habits from treating people kindly and having a healthy diet. Girls will earn pearls instead of badges in the Sweeteas clubs.

Anyway, at the tea party girls decorated hats and were treated to several tea themes including a jazz tea with a New Orleans feel, complete with beignets and a  jazz combo; a Christmas tea, with magical treats and sweets; a derby tea with virgin mint juleps; and a grand tea – the proper tea – as the centerpiece of the event.

It is a novel idea – and it was so adorable to see the girls having such a great time in their pretty dresses and hats and gloves sipping tea from tiny glasses and chatting like little Southern belles.


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