Pink! gala raises cash for breast cancer patients

My friend Siobhan and I went to the Pink! Gala last night, which was hosted by the Pink Ribbon Fund to raise money for local breast cancer patients.

It was a lovely affair, with I’m guessing around 150 or so attendees at Canebrake Country Club. It rained a little just before it started, but the rain held off to make the evening an enjoyable one.

The food was phenomenal, and the band, Lil Bayou Band, played some excellent dance music outside to liven up the atmosphere. Many local businesses contributed to making the gala happen, so a big shout out to those of you who made this wonderful event happen.

Tens of thousands of dollars were raised through different events and campaigns, and a few raffles helped top off that number. That will enable the Pink Ribbon Fund to help lots of local women in their battles with breast cancer.

Here’s a picture of Siobhan and I with Pink Ribbon Fund founder Susan Light and committee member Dr. Lara Otaigbe.


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