Oil spill: Gone but not forgotten

The oil well at the center of the BP-Deepwater Horizon oil spill was finally and hopefully permanently capped off yesterday. To my surprise, the US Fish & Wildlife Service already has removed its oil spill response section off its home page.

I say I am surprised because even though the well is capped, there is still so much to be done on the recovery front.

There is a link to its latest entry of Sept. 15, but there isn’t any other way to get to the section unless you know where to find it. Here’s the link if you want to bookmark it: http://www.fws.gov/home/dhoilspill/. The US government set up a new site, Restore the Gulf, but there is no link nor mention from the USFWS home page.

Restore the Gulf is a multi-agency site that combines all aspects of oil spill recovery. It’s a lot of information all mashed together, so you have to take some time to figure it all out.

USFWS will maintain its oil spill section for a little while longer, but eventually the Restore site will contain the most recent information – if you can find it.

(Photo information/credit: Adult Brown Pelican – no visible oil: July 1, 2010 Gulf Shores, Ala. – Most marsh areas require boat transportation for surveying for oil impacts. Pelicans are standard scenery. Photo by Bonnie Strawser, US Fish and Wildlife Service)


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