We got rolled


Like a lovely winter morning, we woke up today to find our yard covered in white.

Yep, we got rolled. It was a very polite rolling. They didn’t leave much to clean up.

And they were very quiet. They didn’t even wake the dogs.

I know as an adult I should think about the seriousness of the crime (some people would call it that), but I just thought it was funny.

My daughter, who turns 16 tomorrow, thinks it’s funny, too. My son, 19, just matter-of-factly said, “We got rolled,” as he left for school. No big deal, just business as usual.

Yeah it’s a mess, but messes can be cleaned up.


3 thoughts on “We got rolled

  1. Haha I must say this is mighty funny but I like the way you looked at the situation. I would have been peeved then thrown a laughing fit. And on the bright side as well, atleast it didnt rain so you didnt have soggy paper to clean up 🙂

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