I hope Fiona had a happy 16th birthday

Fiona said she had a great time for her 16th birthday, and I hope it was all she wanted. It started Thursday on her birth date and dinner with my dad.

Then Friday was homecoming and a dance.

Saturday we did lots of shopping and picked up pizza for the party. About a dozen friends came over to watch a scary movie (I hung out in my room), eat pizza and popcorn and munch on Hello Kitty cake.

After the party broke up, we took a few of Fiona’s closest friends to Ocean Springs for a weekend getaway.

We sang crazy songs in the car along the way, and when we got to Biloxi we drove down Beach Boulevard to take in the bright lights of the casinos.

It was raining (again). But it wasn’t so heavy this time. A light misty rain to cool things down – it was just right. We drove over the Biloxi-Ocean Springs bridge and Katie screamed out the window “I love New York!” What silly fun we had.

We drove slowly along Front Beach then stopped for awhile at East Beach where everybody danced in the rain and got their shoes full of sand.

Once we got to Melissa’s it was like one big pajama party. We watched another scary movie and giggled and finally went to sleep (well, at least I did).

The girls – Fiona, Katie, Jessie and Bethany – slept in and then we bought stuff for a shrimp boil – with fresh and allegedly uncontaminated – Gulf shrimp. It was delish!

My friend Glenn came over and brought Fiona some flowers and fairy dust (and other such things). What a great way to wrap up a fun party!

Alas, though, Fiona didn’t get to roast marshmallows because we were running low on time. It was the only thing she wanted to do for her birthday that she didn’t get to.

We made a dash to Edgewater Mall before heading home – in heavy rain – and sang Beatles songs all the way home.

Yep. Me, the mom, and four teenage girls singing the Beatles. And they knew all the words.

I think Fiona was happy. At least that’s what she posted on Facebook.

Happy birthday, sweet sixteen! I love you!



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