Some days are busier than others

After a bustling couple of hours at work, Simon and I had eye doctor appointments. That didn’t take too long, thank goodness, so we went to Starbucks after and tried some of their savory breakfast fare. I had coffee. Simon had a smoothie.

I dropped him off at home and headed back to work. I had lots of conference calls and training that day. And boy was I tired.

But it didn’t end there.

Tonight was the night for my monthly social media meetup, where we gather to talk, ask questions and share stories about social media.

We meet at another favorite coffee shop, T-Bones Records and Coffee, where there’s always great music playing, and it has a great atmosphere that lends itself to social media.

Lots of people park there with their laptops to enjoy the good food, coffee and music.

We were a small crowd of three. But we had no trouble at all filling up an hour (and more) with great conversation about Facebook, Foursquare and stuff like that.

I finished off my day in Siobhan’s kitchen with a nice bottle of wine and homemade pimiento cheese on toast.


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