Football and Folly

Nothing makes me prouder than when my children do something unexpectedly kind and thoughtful.

We found out this morning that Fiona’s friend, Folly, was in town for the day to visit the Southern Miss campus and attend the football game against Marshall.

We had tickets to the game, and planned to go a little early, so we modified our plans a little to include spending time with Folly.

But first, Fiona said, she wanted to do something special for Folly. Just a few days before she had planned to bake some ginger snaps and mail them to Folly so she wouldn’t be so homesick. So Fiona jumped in the kitchen and whipped up a batch.

Mind you, it was her first time making them, so they didn’t turn out the best, but I was so proud that she went out of her way to do something nice for her friend.

We got them packaged up in a gift bag and brought them to campus. We found Folly and Dalton on the green near the village of tailgaters and hung out with them until the game started. It was Folly’s first football game, lol. Didn’t know if she would like it, but she didn’t care. She got to spend time with her boyfriend and family friends, so it didn’t matter to her.

And she got some homemade ginger snaps to take with her when she went back to school.

And I got to be proud of my daughter for her sweetness.


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