Much debris found in Mississippi

U.S. Fish and Wildlife: Estimates of oiled debris, from the April 20 BP/Deepwater Horizon oil spill, removed from sensitive lands are reliable dating to Aug. 16, and  since that date the following amounts of oiled debris have been removed from sensitive lands:
Florida: 491,292 pounds
Alabama: 172,185
Mississippi: 585,479

I don’t know why Louisiana is not listed here, but I would assume that the state also would have a high volume of oiled debris removed from sensitive lands.

I think it is shameful how Alabama is yelling the loudest on how it has been so negatively impacted by the oil spill, yet other states have seen the bulk of the debris.

The rest of the Gulf states should be yelling, too, not just about the tourism and seafood dollars lost but about the negative ecological impact.

I’m sure these numbers are very preliminary, as it will take years, maybe decades before the cleanup is complete.


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