A day to honor survivors

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I spend a lot of time volunteering with Waiting for a Cure, a nonprofit breast cancer awareness and support organization. One of the things I like the most about the group is the annual celebration of survivors. We used to host a ball with most of the stuff we needed donated by area businesses, but this year we were a little lean on support.

Not ones to be deterred by such a thing as money, we decided to host an afternoon tea instead. The tea featured plenty of delicious food, donated by WFC members and a couple of area restaurants. The location was provided free thanks to St. Thomas Catholic Church.

It is important to see our survivors face to face to see the joy of living on their faces, and signs of recovery and returning health.

It is also important  to remind us that what we do is making an impact. It is encouragement to continue on.

I admire breast cancer survivors. They have no fear. The have courage, strength and a greater respect for life than those of us who don’t know what it’s like to live each day with the threat of death looming overhead.

During the tea, WFC was presented with a check for $4,000 by two Petal High School students who raised the money as part of their senior projects. One organized and hosted a car race to raise the money. The other helped.  What a nice thing to see young people care enough to put heart and soul into what they do.


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