Hospice care comes at what cost?

So today was the last Spirit of Women meeting before we have our Christmas party in December. There were lots of new faces there and it was great to see a room packed with women who care.

Bill Oliver, retired CEO of Forrest General was there to talk about the FGH foundation, which raises money to pay for things the hospital normally wouldn’t do for itself. Like revamping the NICU or women’s services area. Or, like creating a hospice care facility so people could die with dignity.

Medical personnel, he said, struggle with the thought of letting people die, since they are trained to save lives. But there comes a time when there is nothing more that can be done to help a terminally ill patient but to ease their suffering when the end is near. Also, most health insurance plans don’t cover the process of dying.

That’s some pretty heavy stuff to handle. I wish Mr. Oliver the best as he pursues funding, not just for the building but for funds to provide care for people in need.

On my way to work – night shift all week, ugh – I stopped at the newly reopened Depot Coffee Shop to try the new place out. The coffee was OK. Not great. But in the grand scheme of things I’m alive and well, so I guess lukewarm coffee is nothing to gripe about.


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