Othello lost and found

It’s not often I get three phone calls in succession from the same household, but today was one of those days. Not frantic, but urgent pleas to help find Othello, the family dog.

Othello is a black lab, and he is as sweet as he can be. He doesn’t normally stray, but today he met a nice lady who stopped to talk to him while he lazed on the back steps. He apparently liked her so much he followed her down the road, then forgot how to get back home.

Back to the phone calls. Help! one said. Othello’s gotten away and I can’t find him. The next: I’m at work and can’t get out. Can you drive around the neighborhood and look for him? And the last: I got word Othello is loose. Please help us find him.

It’s nice to know that everyone loves this little guy so much that they were pulling out all the guns to find him.

I wrapped up what I was doing and headed out to the car when I got a four call: Othello had been found. He was picked up by animal control officers and taken to the shelter. Could I go pick him up and take him home?

Of course I would pick him up. So off to the shelter I went. After much ado, Othello was located and brought to my car. He jumped right in – the front seat! He didn’t give me time to get the back door open. Poor thing.

Just get me home, he seemed to say. The shelter was one place he did not want to be. He huddled up in the front passenger seat and made himself as small as he could, as if to make sure no one noticed him.

I drove the poor baby home and he bolted out of the car and into the house. I doubt he will stray far from home ever again.


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