I am the mother of cool

Sometimes it pays to be goofy.

When I called Fiona tonight and asked her if she needed anything while I was on my way home, she and Katie asked me to pick up something from McDonalds. And, could I please ask them for a “crabby patty”?

“What’s that?” I replied. “Something new at McD’s?” All I heard was giggles in reply.

“Just do it, mom, PLEASE!”

The girls explained it was a burger in SpongeBob Squarepants.

Oh. I have to admit I’ve never seen an episode of SpongeBob.

“OK, I’ll do it, but only if you guys come with me.”

So I stopped at home, picked up the girls and off to McDonalds we went.

I placed their order, then asked for a “crabby patty.”

Again, all I got in response was giggles on the other end – and raucous laughter coming from the back seat.

“Did you say a ‘crabby patty’?” the girl asked. “Yes,” I said as seriously as I could. “You know, a burger in a bun? With ketchup, mustard, pickles.”

More giggles. “OK, and would you like anything else?”

“No, thank you. That will do.”

As word spread of the fearless mom ordering a “crabby patty” at the McDonalds drive-through, I began earning “cool points.” They are running into the tens of thousands as of this posting.

I have become the mother of cool.


One thought on “I am the mother of cool

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