Earth Hour 2011

Our family dog Molly and I turned the lights off last night for Earth Hour. I turned off the air conditioning, too. We sat in the candlelit living room and stared at each other.

This isn’t much fun, we were thinking, so we moved the Earth Hour party outside. 

There was a lot more activity going on in the back yard. One of the kittens was chasing a cricket. It would pounce on the spot where the cricket had been a second or two earlier.

That was a lot more entertaining.

Molly didn’t go far from the back door. She mostly sniffed around a pile of leaves and the grass nearby and looking back at me every few minutes.  She is afraid of the dark.

That was about it. Not very exciting, but we did it.

Will do it again, too.

Made a story on Storify. It’s a collection of other people’s thoughts and photos on Earth Hour.


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