Celebrating 50 in 50

My birthday isn’t until April 16, but I have a lot of celebrating to do this year.

I will turn 50, and I am determined to celebrate for 50 days this year – so I need to get started early! I don’t know if the 50 days will be consecutive, but I will do the 50 things to remind myself of how good it is to be here.

I started my  50-day adventure today, with a dark chocolate mocha from T-Bones Records & Coffee with my friend Siobhan. That was a real treat.

Everybody knows how much I love coffee, but I usually get a plain latte or dark roast. Nothing fancy. But it was so cold today that I felt like having hot chocolate – and coffee, so a mocha would be the caffeine of choice.

Most excellent coffee indeed! Good for a once in awhile treat.

Next stop on my first day of 50 celebrations was to go to the University of Southern Mississippi to find the big pink bus. The bus is part of a national tour by Planned Parenthood to get as many signatures as possible for a petition to let Congress know that people across America don’t want to lose the services Planned Parenthood has to offer.

Right now there is a measure in the Senate that would cut ALL federal funding to Planned Parenthood health centers nationwide. This is a bad move. Planned Parenthood offers education and services that could help save lives and decrease the spread of STDs.

I have to say I very much admire people like Felicia pictured here who works for Planned Parenthood Southeast. She works tirelessly every day to educate people on the need for them to protect themselves from STDs and how to use birth control effectively.

Her job is especially hard since she works with states that have some of the highest teen pregnancy rates and some of the worst health problems. And some of the strongest opposition is seen in these Southern States. I think it is because people here don’t really know what Planned Parenthood is all about.

So what does joining the Truth Tour to Stand With Planned Parenthood have to do with my birthday celebration? I think it is a perfect way of defining who I am and what I believe in – and raise awareness for the need to keep Planned Parenthood funded.

But Planned Parenthood is only one of the many things I strongly believe in. I have several other causes that I hope to bring attention to in my 50-day adventure.

Thanks, Felicia and your fellow PPers, for all you do.

Back off my soapbox and on to the hat box. My next stop of the first of my 50-day celebration was to check out the new Polly Esthers vintage store on Highway 49 in Hattiesburg.

The business itself isn’t new, just the location is. Polly Esthers had been a fixture at Calico Mall, and had just located its clothing line across from USM about two weeks ago.

The store has lots of beautiful vintage pieces, many from the 1950s, but other periods are fairly represented as well. Clothing, shoes, hats and accessories can be found. There’s a large selection of vintage men’s wear, too!

I think the prices are reasonable –  vintage doesn’t always mean cheap, you know. But it is affordable.

Anyway, that is pretty much the end of my first day of 50. Forty-nine left to go!



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