Day 2: Celebrating 50 at 50

I’ve been working nights this week, so celebrating takes  a little creativity. Today’s journey came in two parts.

I left work for an hour to hang out at Live @ 5, an outdoor music event held every Friday in April at Town Square Park in Hattiesburg.

The Brian Coogan Band of New Orleans performed. They were pretty good. But then the Hattiesburg High drum line came out to play while the band took a break, and I fell in love.

They are really good! Check out this video.

OK, Brian Coogan Band was good, too, but I didn’t video them so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

The park was crowded! Tons of people came out to enjoy the lovely evening.

Siobhan & Mat came out, too, and we ran into Jeanne on one end of the park and Dee on the other. Lots of people (and some canines) in between.

I had to get back to work, but would have loved to stay all night.

That brings me to part to of my second day of celebrating 50.

I got done with work around 10:30 tonight so I headed over to Siobhan’s with wine and chocolate in tow. She had just made espresso, so I had some of that, too – three of my favorite things. Add a little fruit salad Siobhan had just made, and the evening would end on a high note. This had been a really good day of celebrating.

Heh heh heh … didn’t realize until after I took the photo that the sheet music was upside down! Ah well, that’s how it was when I got there. And I wasn’t trying to play it, so what does it matter …

Two down, 48 to go!


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