Day 3: Celebrating 50 for 50

I got an early start today with an iced coffee at Starbucks. Simon came with me, which was nice because we rarely do anything together anymore.

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We picked up his girlfriend, Sheena, and headed to the zoo for its birthday bash – Zoo Blues. A lot of good bands were on the schedule to play on two stages.

I got to see Dr. E and the Voodoo Kings and the Deltamatics – love them both.

It was a lot of fun, but very hot – too hot. Had to seek shade often. But we enjoyed the event anyway.

I dropped them off then went Calico Mall. My first time there in the seven years I’ve lived in Hattiesburg. Pretty neat place. It’s huge, though. Need to go back again to get to the basement level. 

Bought myself an LP of the tapes of the Apollo 11 astronauts and the moon landing. Weird, I know, but the moon landing was a pretty monumental event in my childhood.

Stopped by to drop off masks from the zoo for Fiona and Katie, then went home for a nap. Got up too early after working late Friday! Took Molly to the dog park so she could get a good run in before I went out again.

The girls were getting ready for prom at Katie’s house, then Brandent picked up Fiona and brought her to the train depot so his mom could get pictures. I met them there and snapped a few myself. 

Then I went to Dharma’s birthday party – it was a little chaotic! Teenagers and non-teens everywhere. Ben was there, too, having come up from New Orleans for the party. She turned 20. Thought it was sweet of her to invite me.

The cake was beautiful. A grown-up cake for  grown-up girl. 

Had wanted to go out to a club, but didn’t see any bands that I particularly wanted to hear so I just went home! I’m getting to be pretty boring! I’m not even going to wait up for Fiona to get home from prom. She’ll have to tell me about it in the morning.

Three down, 47 to go!


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