Impromptu birthday treat and Earth Day treasure

Some days are worth waking up for. Today is one of them.

Although I’m still reeling from my father’s death, I am trying to get my life back to normal. Life goes on, and I, too, must go on.

I treated myself to a solo lunch today since all my friends were busy. I’m a Spicy Pickle club member, so they send me a birthday treat each year to enjoy.

I ordered The Bastille, and could only eat half, it was so filling and delicious!

Once I was done eating I thought I’d wander through some of the shops nearby, including one of my favorites, Turkoyz, a jewelry store with lots of beautiful items and great prices. As I looked around for a gift for a friend, I saw a flier for services at The Studio – a salon and spa next door.

“Celebrate Earth Month with The Studio Jimmy Buffett style.” OK I’m curious.

The flier said the services – deeply discounted – were to raise money for Global Greengrants, which helps provide clean drinking water worldwide. The services were being offered today only! What luck that I happened to be here today of all days.

The Studio features Aveda, plant-based and earth-friendly hair and skincare products, and according to its website raises lots of money for environmental and social causes.

Definitely something right up my alley. I’ve got an extra hour before I have to get to work, I was thinking. Why not pop in and try a service or two?

The excellent staff were great (Thanks, Anna & Michael). I got my eyebrows waxed – first time ever – and a hand scrub and makeup consultation. The eyebrow wax was one of the things on my list of birthday wishes, so I can cross that one off now. And all of the above cost me $11 total. Seriously.

I gave a few extra dollars for the cause and was entered in a drawing to win a basket of Aveda products. You can still do that, too. The Studio is taking $1 donations for each entry through the end of April, so stop by and take a chance on winning a treat for yourself while doing some social good. The Studio is in the Randy Price Shopping Center on Highway 98 in Hattiesburg.

They also have some other specials going on for purchase of products and services, so ask about them, too, while you are there. And you can learn more about Aveda‘s Earth Month awareness efforts, including how to “be a water warrior” or partner with Aveda for “clean water worldwide.”

I am all about energy and resource conservation, another of my pet projects. So thanks, The Studio, for giving me this Earth Day gift, in addition to the fabulous services I received.

I have great looking eyebrows, soft, subtle makeup and equally soft hands – and I am helping others and our planet at the same time! What a great concept. Happy birthday to me (again)!

I am one step closer to getting my list of 50 celebrations for my 50th birthday accomplished. Seven down, 43 to go!


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