Cinco de Mayo

I have no idea what Cinco de Mayo is really about, but it is a fun excuse to celebrate. My friend Siobhan and I went on a quest to find a decent place to have a margarita in honor of Cinco de Mayo.

All of the local Mexican spots were jam-packed with college kids having a good time and rocking out to some pretty loud bands. A little too crowded and noisy for us old birds.

We made our way to the Keg & Barrel, usually known for its vast selection of beer, but they made us some pretty slushy margaritas, although they came in rocks glasses rather than the traditional margarita stems.

We broke from tradition even more by ordering Fish & Chips rather than Chips & Salsa for a late-night snack. The fish, by the way, was non-traditional, too. It had the British-style batter and was served with malt vinegar, but it contained good old Southern catfish inside.

The Keg was packed, too, but it wasn’t the frantic, hectic noise we saw at the other places we cruised through. Dr. E and the Voodoo Kings – purveyors of rockin’ blues – entertained us as we sipped and nibbled.

One margarita was enough, then it was off to bed for a good night’s sleep.

Here is a little social media story I compiled for Cinco de Mayo:


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