It’s the little things in life

It’s amazing how much fun the little things in life can bring.

Who knew that a tent would be one of those things. My near-17-year-old daughter has become obsessed lately with camping. I thought that would have worn off by the time she was 10.

But the last couple of weeks have been full of bustle and tent-raising. Even Simon, who is almost 20, got in on the fun – until it got too hot.

Last night she invited friends over. Fiona and Katie pitched the tent. Haley came over later. They don’t need my help anymore. And they decided to forgo the air mattress this time – so they would have more room, Fiona said.

I don’t think they realize how hard that ground can be!

In addition to camping out in the back yard, the girls wanted to have a cookout.

But no, not just any cookout.

We bought supplies to make s’mores and grilled cheese sandwiches. And a little charcoal grill. I’m not sure how they thought they were going to cook these things on a little grill, but if I know Fiona, she would find a way.

I’m not sure how the s’mores turned out, but they must have been good because I didn’t see any. And the grilled cheese sandwiches never appeared – they are saving that for today.

I left the girls to their whims and went inside to take a nap before Simon went to bed.

You see, whenever the girls camp out in the back yard, I stay up all night to keep an eye on them. I hang out in the kitchen so I don’t ruin their fun.

Before they got settled in for the night, I must admit I had to step outside to snap a few photos of the girls so we would have lasting memories of their outdoor sleepover.

OK. I took a lot of photos.

Geez, mom, this isn’t prom,” Fiona said as she rolled her eyes.

Someday she’ll understand why preserving these special moments is so important.


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