I believe in angels

You can see the two bias steel ply here.

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Well, I at least believe in kind spirits and kind-hearted people.

After a quick trip to the animal shelter to drop off some donations on Monday, Fiona and I were on our way to pick up dinner. We never made it.

I somehow managed to get a very bizarre rip in one of my front tires near the intersection of Hardy Street & Highway 49.

I limped into a parking lot at USM, and immediately began pulling out all the tools I would need to fix a flat tire. Fiona got on the phone and started calling her friends.

Fiona and I managed to get things going – albeit we went about it in the wrong order – while we were waiting for one of her friend’s fathers to come and help us.

Along comes Bob, who was on his way home from work. Bob was dressed in very nice business attire, but offered his help nonetheless. While I didn’t want to put Bob out and get his nice clothes all dirty, Fiona and I were grateful for his help.

Within a minute or so of Bob coming to our rescue, another man, Tim, came literally from out of nowhere. He, too, offered his help.

So, between Tim and Bob, my tire was off in no time and the donut tire put in its place, and we were all set to go home.

Bob hopped back in his very nice new car and then Tim left, only to disappear the same way he arrived – first he was there, and then he wasn’t!

It was the strangest experience.

Whether or not Tim is an angel or a real human being sent by an angel doesn’t really matter.

He and Bob were angels for taking the time to help us girls fix a flat.

Many thanks for your kindness. May it be heaped on both of you many times more than what you have given us.


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