Happy New Year – Twice!

New Year‘s Day falling on a Sunday means we get to celebrate the new year two days in a row. Or three, if you count New Year’s Eve celebrations.

On Sunday, I finished some of the housework I started on Saturday, and baked some awesome cookies. I also put some pinto beans in the Crock Pot and doctored them up with sautéed onions, bell peppers and celery, spices and other yummy things. The plan? Ready made meal for Monday. Whip up some rice, and there we go!


Our family dog, Molly, and I did some running around together, visiting friends and winding up at the dog park. The weather was perfect – a sunny 72 degrees on Jan.1.

My friend, Siobhan, joined us with two of her three dogs, Bryndyl and Othello. Sara is shy and doesn’t enjoy running around the park.

There were about 20 other dogs there yesterday, and not one fight broke out!

Of course, there was some football thrown in the mix. What New Year’s Day would be complete without football? (And what a great day it was for football. My hometown team, the 49ers, won. My adopted home team, the Saints, won. Woo hoo!)

Today, Molly and I did some more running around, visiting more friends and another trip to the dog park, but not before watching the annual Tournament of Roses parade.

I later made some cranberry salsa and a small batch of cranberry-hot pepper jelly to finish up all the fresh cranberries I had. Alas, this will be the last time I see fresh cranberries until the fall. (p.s. I don’t call this cooking. It’s a hobby)

I made some time to make another round of friends – and coffee at T-Bone’s Records and Café, a most wonderful place to hang out. Siobhan met me up there, and I had the Harvest Moon Mocha. It was OMG fantastic!

A tub of salsa for Siobhan, who brought me some crab and corn chowder in exchange. Great to take for lunch tomorrow.

More salsa, and a tub of jelly, went to Glory and Tom, friends who are smarter than I, and great fun to hang out with because I always learn something new from them!

What a great two days of celebrating the new year!


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