Night school for teens

This morning after I had finished my coffee and breakfast, I woke up Fiona and Katie so they could get ready for school.
Katie rolls over and yawns. “Why don’t they have school at night?” she says as she snuggles deeper under the blankets.
And so the discussion begins. Fiona responds with, “Yeah I know, right?”
I don’t want to encourage going back to bed when they need to get rolling, but I had to put my two cents worth in, too.
Studies have been issued that show teens (and probably most adults) function better in school or at work if they start later in the day.
Personally, I tell Katie, I agree. If it were up to me, the girls could sleep until noon and then go to school.
I think we’d all be a lot happier if they did.
Alas, the girls still had to get up and off to school and I, to work.
When they get to college they can schedule all afternoon classes sometimes, I told them.
That put a sparkle in their eyes and gave them hope of a brighter future.
Maybe when their children are teenagers they will be allowed to go to night school.



2 thoughts on “Night school for teens

  1. Believe it or not, my son Cody is attending his senior year at night school. He never could adjust to the morning, so we found an alternative program, and it’s working great: straight A’s last semester! I remember trying to function at 7:30 a.m. at age 12 and wondering, WHY?!?

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