Busy mind, busy hands

I feel like I constantly have to be doing something. And usually I am doing more than one thing at a time.

I woke up this morning just burning to do something. Neither of the kids were home, so I had the house – and the day – to myself!

I played around on the Internet (via iPhone) while picking up around the house. I like to see what people are up to and maybe get ideas for something I could do today.

I ran across a recipe for sun-dried tomato & mozzarella bread and thought that sounded good. I rummaged through the kitchen and found everything I needed so off I was to bake my bread.

But before I  got started, I thought I would take Molly to the dog park to run around so she would not be underfoot while I was in the kitchen. It was such a beautiful morning. Sunny, breezy. Just perfect for being out of doors.

I got dressed and ready to go, but before we could get out the door, it started pouring outside. A rainstorm had popped up out of nowhere!

That certainly put a damper on our trip to the dog park.

Oh well, I guess the bread making would come first, then. Let the preparations begin!

I have a bread machine. Pretty convenient. All I have to do is put the ingredients in the pan, push a few buttons and the machine does the rest of the work.

It still takes a few hours to make a loaf of bread, so I got that going, and puttered around the house some more, then decided it was time to take Molly to the dog park for her run in the sun.

The rain didn’t last long, but it was heavy, so the dog park was muddy. Molly didn’t mind, and neither did the other dogs that were there. And boy did they like to share it!

I had time for a shower. The bread still had about an hour before it would be ready. I like to take it out of the pan as soon as the timer goes off, because there’s nothing like cutting into it when it first comes out of the oven – savoring that first warm, fluffy bite. Oh so good.


2 thoughts on “Busy mind, busy hands

  1. I’ve had mine for about 15 years! I use it more in the winter time – about once a week. I try to make a loaf or two a month the rest of the year, since I am usually the only one who likes homemade bread. I keep half out and freeze the other half. My kids like plain old white bread, and I can’t make that right. 🙂

  2. There’s nothing like a homemade loaf of bread! We have a bread maker. I found it sitting in a cupboard while cleaning up downstairs. Hasn’t been touched in years ..

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