Two dog afternoon

Sometimes I wonder what dogs think about when they aren’t doing anything. I can usually tell what our dog, Molly, is thinking: There’s the “I need to go outside” jumping around; the “I want some food” stare; the “I’m a good girl and deserve a treat” posture; and the “I need a hug” quiver.

But when she is just laying there staring into space, what is she thinking about? Are there any thoughts in her little head?

Molly is usually active and animated, but the other day she seemed tired and depressed. So I took her for a ride and picked up one of her best friends, Bryndyl. We went to the park and ran around, but it started to rain so back in the car we went.

I thought Molly and Bryndyl would hang out in the back seat together, but they went their separate ways. Molly in the front, Bryndyl in the back. Neither one looked happy, but there was no altercation or anything else that would indicate there was something wrong.

It was so sad. Watching them made me think of the song “One” by Three Dog Night. “One” is the loneliest number …

I guess I could chalk it up to their quirkiness – or maybe it was the rain?


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